The real tasting notes - Status Quo Piledriver Beer

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Tasting notes Status Quo Piledriver Beer

I didn`t know that Status Quo was still alive and kickin` only I heard they are about to come out with their own beer earlier this year. They have teamed up with the Wychwood Brewery to produce this classic English bitter.

Tasting notes Status Quo Piledriver Beer

Music and beer go well together without a doubt. After Motorhead`s Lager and Iron Maiden`s Ale the English rock band Status Quo has entered the club with their Piledriver Beer, supporting the re-issue of their first self-produced album with the same title. Although their glory years were back in the seventies and eighties, they have had more than 60 chart hits in the UK, they are on a pretty tight schedule, still making albums and touring as they are still having a massive fanbase in mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

Tasting notes Status Quo Piledriver Beer

The Piledriver Beer is a fantastic treat for their fans and beer drinkers in the UK and widely available in pubs and supermarkets across the country. I found it very pleasant and drinkable although I`m not a big fan of bitters. I had a couple of bottles in the last few weeks and all went down very quickly. Pretty ordinary and not as deep as Iron Maiden`s Ale which I have tasted before but still characteristic and once it`s finished you`ll cry for more I`m pretty sure.

Tasting notes Status Quo Piledriver Beer

With the Piledriver we get a very smooth amber ale, with the right strength (4.3%), and slight fruity, hoppy flavour. It has been wisely composed - using the right combination of the ingredients, resulted a light beer which is catchy like a Status Quo hit. The label artwork instantly gets the attention, it`s an other classic one from the Wychwood range. Great achievement from the rock n` roll veterans who are keeping up the flag of the music we all love.

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