The real tasting notes - Slayer Reign in Blood Red wine

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Tasting notes Slayer Reign In Blood Red wine

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This one is an instant classic. It’s a proven fact that you can finish the bottle in 28 minutes and 56 seconds (and then go for the next one!). Now is the time to take this challenge.

Tasting notes Slayer Reign In Blood Red wine

The Reign In Blood Red wine hit the market a couple of years ago, but only recently became available for the UK-fans. It was a great idea to link Slayer's brand with a wine as the latter is associated with blood in a deeper meaning and has religious connections. There you go; killing, warfare, blood and religion are the highlighted topics of the band's lyrics. What's more, as we are about to drink a Cabernet Sauvignon from California, we must note that they have the same roots as they both stem from the same area. Slayer formed in Huntington Park back in 1981. Does it really matter? God knows, but they've got so much in common.

Tasting notes Slayer Reign In Blood Red wine

The bottle looks awesome, the label claims immediate respect. It could be a collector's item, but why would you put on a shelf let it covered by dust if you have a chance to drink it. I bet you have the whole Slayer catalogue in your collection but don't leave Slayer's wine unopened long. Belive me it doesn't have real aging potential you have to drink it straightaway while it's young, bursting and filled with energy just like the band's eponymous classic album from 1986.

Tasting notes Slayer Reign In Blood Red wine

So, how is the wine... It's very promising I must say. With a dark smell, bit of leather, bit of tobacco, dark fruits - exactly what you expect from a rock wine! I wasn't surprised regarding the taste as like all the California style wines this particular one is quite rounded, fruity, direct, straightforward and easy drinking stuff as well – and high in alcohol if it matters to anyone :) In my mind I would bind Slayer with a French-style Cabernet Sauvignon to have a real twisted excitment the same you get with their music. Just thinking about a bit harsher character, higher tannins and acidity, notes of blackcurrant and pepper with a distinctive cedar taste perfectly balanced with oak blah...blah...blah... but to tell the truth, I can't complain about the present one.

Tasting notes Slayer Reign In Blood Red wine

Never judge a wine upon your expectations. This applies to Slayer's wine as well. Considering his stage appearance you might think that Kerry King is a ruthless serial killer and I bet you can't stand Tom Araya's steely glance but the truth is that they are both settled family men attached to their band's legacy. You should approach towards Slayer's wine with respect as it has all the attributes of a cracking rock wine. Easy drinking, high in alcohol as I said above, you can take more bottles but careful with the binge drinking.

Tasting notes Slayer Reign In Blood Red wine

Slayer's Reign In Blood red wine is the kind you can drink on it's own, but calls for a bloodlust straight away. So the best you can do is to company your wine with a juicy, rare cooked steak, these two would definitely do the job. That's the way you'll feel that your heart is pumping Slayer's Reign In Blood Red wine through your veins with every single sip.

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