The real tasting notes - Motorhead Shiraz

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Motörhead Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, Shiraz 2010.

This Motörhead Shiraz wine is not for pussies but for true rock n' rollers who were born to lose and live to win!

Tasting notes Motorhead Shiraz

We are Motörhead and we play Rock n' Roll!

Although Lemmy from Motörhead is a widely-known whiskey drinker, no wonder that his band came out with a Shiraz as that is the only grape and wine they can be associated with. How could that be and where is the connection? Well, whiskey and Shiraz have something else in common apart from their alcohol content...

Tasting notes Motorhead Shiraz

This powerful Shiraz is a full-bodied robust red with massive smokey, petrol notes you only can compare with a Tennessee whiskey. Of course you can taste the dark berry flavors and you'll reach the spicy notes like clove and licorice but the petrol makes it a very mannish and totally irresistible wine. It has the appearance - the same you would feel if Lemmy entered the room.

Tasting notes Motorhead Shiraz

Motörhead has a long history with ups and downs and they never gave up. There wasn't any place for compromise in their career. That’s probably the key to their success. And of course they are still writing and playing kick-ass good songs. Their story is far from the finish.

Tasting notes Motorhead Shiraz

As we still have few sips from the Motörhead Shiraz. Actually you'll find all the ingredients in the wine what made the band a legend. The swing of the Ace of Spades, the weight of Orgasmatron and the fastness as a Bomber and so on. Sounds convincing?

Tasting notes Motorhead Shiraz

This wine isn't posh and it doesn't want to be. It's an incredibly massive, heavyweight wine. You can drink it on it's own, but would be perfect with a big fat grilled red meat and loud rock n'roll, Motörhead, of course. Upon the recommendation of a rock n' roll conniseur, put on the album Sacrifice, open a bottle of Motörhead Shiraz and create yourself another perfect day!

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